Rosa Nautica La Herradura

Rosa Nautica Urbanization

This small urbanization is situated on the front line to the beach (around 50 meters away) and is in walking distance to all amenities. The development offers private rear parking and is situated in its private immaculate kept mature gardens which have its orange lemon grapefruit and banana trees throughout its grounds. South facing, and offers great holiday vacations through the whole of the year

La Herradura (horseshoe bay).

Located in the beautiful Costa Tropical area of Granada, only a short drive from major towns of Almuñecar, and Nerja forming the tourist capital of the Costa Tropical. Slightly further afield around 60 mins drive the beautiful and historical cities of Malaga and Granada can be found.

This stunning bay is still a relatively unknown stretch of Spain’s southern coastline, with the Spanish calling the bay the best-kept secret in Spain. At either end of a 2-kilometer bay, there can be found the Punta de la Mona, along with the Marine del Este and on the opposite end the stunning Cerro Gordo, and its breathtaking mountain range

About town

The village itself is located at the eastern point of the bay; it’s a typical Andalusian village of

whitewashed houses, The town offers good amenities, with shops, bars and restaurant and a host of other facilities that can only be found in larger towns. Down towards the beach, there is a wonderful promenade that stretches the whole length of the bay. Perfect for a stroll anytime of the day or night.


La Herradura has a fine sandy beach, which stretches for 2 kilometers, and aside from this beach, there are 19 kilometers of local coastline, with a variety of beaches, from long stretches

of sandy, small coves.

Water sports are very popular and there are numerous businesses offering different types of courses and equipment hire. Divers will find some of the best underwater scenery here, along with the whole southern coast and the best scuba diving in Spain, La Herradura by Almuñecar (where most of our diving takes place!) is a National Marine Reserve that plays host to an immense variety of marine life.

There is also horse riding, quad bike, car adventures and paragliding available for the more adventurous.

Natural surroundings

From here you can almost reach out and touch Africa. The dramatic results are what give the Costa Tropical its special geography and climate, so unlike any other coastline in southern Spain.

Rugged hills soar up steeply from valley floors or plunge dramatically into the sea. Once forested, now bare hillsides provide a marginal foothold for almond, olive, and the hardy carob tree; and above everything, towers the grand Sierra Nevada.


The mountain range, which boasts the highest peak in mainland Spain, from a natural weather-break which protects the coastline from the worst influences of the European winters, while Africa, to the south, helps buffer the harsh effects of both the Mediterranean and Atlantic weather.

As a result, the area has an extraordinarily benign subtropical climate, which can be seen in the variety of exotic products to be found in the local markets, especially the different fruits.

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